Roomy toe-box.

Barefoot feel.

Stronger feet.

Zero drop, minimalist shoes that promote natural foot function and stronger, happier feet!

Your feet will thank you

We believe that feet were built to do the work of carrying us around our lives. So, we build shoes that get out of the way and promote natural foot function.

Wide Toe-box

Spread your toes, don't squish 'em! Promotes natural foot function and improved foot health and stability.

zsro drop

Zero Drop

Without heel elevation, your foot is able to be in its natural position for better stability and balance.

Most popular athletic shoes


Mid-top design provides extra ankle protection from dust, rocks, and dirt. 100% Made in USA.


"I'm absolutely abusing these things and they keep going without a care in the world showing no sign of quitting. From my day-to-day activities to physical training."

- M.L., October 2021

BUY NOW: $164.00

Nutrail Cross Sport

Combines abrasion-resistant, quick-drying SuperFabric® with a slipper-like fit and comfort. 100% Made in USA.


"Fits just right on my feet and is super duper comfortable. Huge upgrade from standard shoes."

- A.D., August 2021

BUY NOW: $159.00

American quality at the same price as the

big name-brand shoes


100% Made in USA

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